It snowed on Saturday in Wisconsin. Yes, in October. And then on Sunday the sun was so bright it was blinding. Nothing out of the ordinary for us in WI, but the little neighbor kids were asking if Santa was coming soon. Say what?!? I hope not! I need time to sneak the chocolate from my kids’ Halloween candy buckets first. But in all honesty, year-end will be here before we know it. Are you ready?

With a rare whole weekend at home, I found myself catching up on a few things that had been pushed aside. But I also took last week’s post to heart and found some time to slow down.  A beautiful sunny day called me outside for a walk and the cold temps pushed me back inside for some baking.  I love to bake. Unfortunately, I find less time for it these days as my family’s schedules fill up. Baking lead to meal prep, meal prep lead to meal planning for the week and thinking about the week lead me to thinking about year-end prep. Whoa! Evidently, baking clears the clutter in my mind so that I can do a bit of thinking ahead.

Year-end will be here before we know it; and there are things that we small business owners should be thinking about. The top two that come to mind for me are bookkeeping catch up and inventory matters. I don’t know about you, but I have a bit of my own bookkeeping work to catch up on. I was too busy having fun this summer to keep up on it; and now I find myself needing to schedule some time to get it done. Do you schedule time on your calendar for your business bookkeeping work? If not, and you are looking for a way to find time for it, try blocking off time like you would for an appointment or a party. It’s a great way to ensure you keep up every month!

Another thing to think about before year-end is upon us is our inventory. More specifically, the quantity of freebie inventory you have on hand. Freebie inventory is all the freebies you have earned throughout the year for rocking your direct sales business. It’s a great idea to use all those fantastic freebies in your business to promote your business in the year that you earn them. Less to count at year end when you take a physical count of inventory! Plus, you may be able to offset your business income.

Clearing the paper clutter in my office helped me to focus on the inventory I have. And more importantly, the inventory that I should use in my business before December 31st. If you find yourself in the same place and you need some additional guidance or are looking for a simple bookkeeping system, we would be honored to help you get started. And if spreadsheets give you hives, let’s chat about how we can take care of your bookkeeping for you! We do love bean counting!!