Conference has come to a close for our beloved direct sales company. Last week, Stacy got us all thinking about how to begin tackling all the inspiration and ideas we come home with.  So.  I must know! Did you do it?? Did you fit it all in?? Did you begin to implement one national conference take-away this week or are you still processing all the new consultant tools and products your company threw at you while at conference?  If you recall, we recommend implementing one new nugget of knowledge at a time.  Only ONE, you gasp??  Yes, only one.  Here’s why:

  • CONFUSION!! Each year I attended conference, I came home with at least 1400 ways I wanted to change my business.  Ways to improve my host coaching, social media presence, and product demos flooded my head.  I felt if I didn’t get them in my parties RIGHT NOW, I’d forget them all.  Many years, I would put so many into action at the same time I would confuse myself and end up giving a “rattled” rather than a “new and improved” vibe at my parties.  I would bump along in my presentation rather than sail gracefully through it.  It left my guests feeling confused rather than educated.
  • MOMENTUM!! A few years ago, I returned from conference and immediately put 4 or 5 conference party ideas into effect.  That’s a lot of changes for something that’s supposed to last 30 minutes. Know what happened?  The momentum in my business stopped short.  After partying for so many years, I’d developed a rhythm to my parties.  When I changed so much at once, it threw off that rhythm and I literally lost my party mojo.  Guests weren’t having fun, booking parties, or joining my team.
  • MEASURABLE SUCCESS (or failure)!! Perhaps the biggest reason we think it best to slowly infuse your business with new ideas is to give the strategy time to work. You need to be able to figure out if it’s done what you hoped. When I lost my mojo, clearly something wasn’t working for me but I had no idea what! I had to overturn each change I’d made and go back to square one because I couldn’t figure out which modification was the dud.  Had I made a change, tested it at several parties, and then measured its success or failure, I would have been able to tell right away if it worked the way I’d anticipated.  Instead, I wasted 6 precious months in my business when I lost that mojo and momentum.

Whether you agree with us and take on one idea at a time or not, we’d love to hear how you build change into your business!