What comes to mind when you think “February”?  I think red, valentines, love, hearts (the cute shape kind), and chocolate.  It’s also American Heart (the organ that keeps us alive kind) Month.  February seems to be the month when we give extra consideration to matters of the heart – both physical and emotional.  Taking care of both is important to our overall wellness.  One of our clients is taking this month to love on their team and host several events focused on wellness, be it physical or emotional or, dare we say, financial!  We find ourselves inspired by them and because copy-catting can be thought of as a high compliment, we’re jumping on the wellness wagon, too.  This month we’re going to chat with you a lot about taking care of yourself (and your business), perhaps in some fairly unconventional ways.

In some mindless scrolling of Facebook-land (because who doesn’t do that at least once a day?!  If you’re not raising your hand, you’re probably in denial.), I ran across a link to an article about self-care. I immediately fell in love with her refreshing take on self-care.  This quote was my favorite from the piece:

“True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making the choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.”

It really gets to the heart (pun intended!) of why self-care became a “thing” in the first place.  The idea of self-care on a regular basis is a little mind-blowing.  If you follow us on a regular basis you know that helping people simplify their life is a tenant of our business model.  It is precisely why we came up with the idea to coach clients how to find their bookkeeping Zen.  In struggling to find our own Zen, Stacy and I realized we could assist others find their Zen in at least one area of life – business.  Doing that brings us joy and warms our hearts.  In a way, helping you is self-care for us.

This article breathed new life into the idea of taking care of myself; it shifted my paradigm with regards to certain “chores”.  As we head in to the month of love and wellness at BF Bookkeeping, reflect on this new perspective on self-care.  Try loving on yourself in a new way and share it with us.  Better yet, let us take some weight off your shoulders and learn how to simplify your bookkeeping tasks.  Or delegate them completely.  We’re here help.