I love sandstone.  I love everything about it – the easily observed layers of differently colored sediment, how it cements together after years and years of patient compression to form a solid, beautiful mass that sometimes glitters.  These pictures are from the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas and I took them while hiking there recently.  Aren’t they amazing?! There were so many gorgeous rocks and I could not stop myself from taking pictures of the ones I admired most.  These rocks remind me of all of us small business owners especially at this time of year.  On the outside we are amazing gems, both tough and sparkly with distinct layers formed each day, year, decade.  The kind of tough and sparkly that comes simply from the pressure to meet the next deadline or travel to another team training day in and day out.  It comes from dealing with the daily grit with grace and gratitude slowly and over long periods of time.  The sum of our experiences hardens us, in a good way, to form a new layer of color.  If you begin to feel the pressure mount while preparing for tax reporting, remember that this year’s “pressure” is helping to form a beautiful layer of experience to help you approach next year with more know-how and confidence.  Take a deep breath and know you’ll get through this – and if it’s time to ask for help, you know right where to turn.  😉