Cheers! Prost! Sláinte! Any which way you say it, we are celebrating after a long weekend of wonderfulness. A weekend working retreat full of fun, a whole lot of work time and maybe a few drinks. It feels fantastic to get sh!t done.

“Have you thought about scheduling a working retreat to do all of this?” A simple question from Meghan’s husband, Luke, at our last planning meeting. Maybe it was more of a suggestion than a question. He knows we both struggle with our weekly deadlines more often then we’d like to. Either way, it was brilliant. A brilliant question/suggestion that lead to a whole weekend of productivity for our business.

Could your business benefit from a working retreat? What tasks do you regularly spend time on that could be done ahead of time? Could you dedicate a whole day, or a whole weekend to those tasks so that you wouldn’t have to think about them for a few months? Whether a day or a whole weekend, dedicating some uninterrupted time to your business tasks, in order to save yourself time later, is a smart and efficient use of your time.

We found a quiet spot for our retreat that was free of distractions; but still close enough to distractions when we needed a break. You know we took a break or two! We talked about future plans for our business, we kicked around ideas to simplify our processes and we wrote. We wrote a lot. Not every moment of our weekend was wonderful. We struggled a bit with staying focused. It would have been a whole lot more fun to only have fun, but then our working retreat would have technically been a vacation and none of it would be a business expense. That’s a topic for a different blog post though.

At the end of the weekend, we headed home with a long list of to-do items crossed off and prep work for the next few months done. Now we can focus on those future plans instead. We hope you’ll take Luke’s brilliant suggestion too. Schedule your own working retreat. Psst! It’s more fun with a friend! Let us know when you do and we’ll toast to you too!