We know small business owners are hard-working individuals who are hustling to build something for themselves and their families. Working as your own boss has rewards, but there are plenty of sacrifices made on the road to success. We know how hard you work. And we think you deserve a vacation. We know we do!

No receipt tracking tips from us this week. No call to action to keep up with your filing and office organization as summer parties ramp up. You won’t find a reminder to track your business miles as you drive around running errands while getting your kids to lessons/camp/games on time this week either. Did you catch what I did there? This week we want you to book a vacation. For yourself. For your whole family. You decide, but please add this task to your to do list. Then highlight it and put two stars next to it.

You are your own boss, so you get to decide when you work. Right? Setting your own work hours is often cited as one of the top 5 benefits of starting a small business. However, being a small business owner can often come with more hours than we might have planned on. If you aren’t setting work hours for yourself (aka boundaries) you might find yourself working on weekends, or even on a family vacation. I may have found myself sitting outside the campground office late at night to use the wi-fi so that I could meet that end of month deadline for a host that didn’t quite get her party orders turned in as soon as she promised. Once or twice. This was during the early years in my direct sales career. I am much better at setting boundaries these days.

If a beach vacation, a camping trip or a big city getaway calls to you; you owe it to yourself, and your family, to listen up. Time away from our business can help to refresh and energize us. Stepping away for a bit can also help us gain some perspective on what we’d like to do next. Still not convinced that you can take a bit of time away from your business? Check out our post from a few weeks ago about taking a purposeful pause. Putting your toes in the sand or roasting s’mores could bring some clarity on your next big project. In fact, we think you owe it to your business to take a break. It’s summertime! Go pack those bags; and be sure to let us know where you are headed. We could use a few new ideas for vacations too!