It snowed today!  Only a wee bit, but enough to stick to the ground for a few hours.  For me, snow always makes it feel like the holiday season has arrived here in Wisconsin.  I know that’s not the case for everyone (especially if you are in an area of the world that is typically balmy during December), but in our household snow is the “cherry on top” of our holidays.  Snow even made my 10-year-old’s wish list from Santa this year!   So, when a little bit of snow arrived today, I was struck with anticipatory excitement for all the holiday season brings.  The holidays mean laughter with family, snuggling with my rugrats, and sharing joy (and perhaps a cocktail or two) with dear friends.  Whether you are lighting a menorah, decorating your tree, or preparing your feats of strength, Stacy and I wish you a jubilant December full of celebrations that warm your heart.  In fact, this holiday tradition of honoring YOU may be our very favorite of all.