“Thank you. You talked me down from the ledge tonight.” Words spoken by a client at the end of our bookkeeping coaching call earlier this week. The ledge she was referring to is the decision to keep going with her direct sales business or not. Thoughts like this creep into a business owner’s mind every now and again. We ask ourselves “Is the work worth the rewards?” This time of the year we are especially vulnerable to these thoughts. Tax time.

As business owners we are ALL familiar with tax time stress. We are exhausted from shuffling papers if we haven’t kept up with our bookkeeping throughout the year. We are anxious wondering if we’ve recorded everything correctly. And we are nervous about the chances of winning the very unlucky lottery of a tax audit. Full time or part time business owners; we all feel it. If you are one of the 85% of direct sellers working their business as a side hustle, these feelings can be compounded by the truth that you are fitting your business into what used to be your free time on nights and weekends. In the 6 years that I have been working my direct sales business part time, I have come to know these feelings well. Yes, even us accountant-types experience these thoughts. Its comforting to know we are not alone, right?

While we cannot completely block these anxious thoughts from haunting us in our home office; we can take steps to minimize how often we feel burdened by them. First step, find a simple bookkeeping system that you can put in place; or hire a bookkeeper. Dear anxious direct seller, we know that tax time stress makes you consider quitting your business. Simple bookkeeping systems. That’s our jam here at BFB! We know you don’t want to spend time recording income and expenses. However, it’s a task that tags along with jumping in and starting a business; and we know how to make it an easy task that you feel confident taking on. Second step, use your bookkeeping system. Put an appointment on your calendar once a month for your bookkeeping task. It is WAY easier to keep up monthly than it is to catch up on twelve months all at once. There are no prizes for procrastination. Lastly, let go of worrying about the things we cannot control. Audited or not; we have no control over it. We can avoid some of the common mistakes that small business owners make, but there is no guarantee that we won’t be selected. Channel your inner Elsa and let it go!

Before you know it, you’ll have kicked tax time stress to the curb. You’ll have a system in place that is so easy to use that you will keep up with it throughout the year. Imagine the bliss of printing a few spreadsheets to send to your tax preparer! But don’t forget those anxious feelings entirely. They are a good reminder that our new team members will struggle like we have. It is a true measure of success to help those who look to us for leadership. Share what works for you; or pass along our info. We know simple bookkeeping systems!