What do you look forward to most at your direct sales company’s annual conference? Maybe you geek out over a schedule jam-packed with seminars and trainings. Maybe you love connecting with old friends and being surrounded by like-minded people. And maybe, just maybe you are like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting to hear about the new products being launched. Meghan and I are headed off to our annual conference later this week; and I’m excited about all of these things too. However, none of them make my list of top three reasons to attend annual conference.

My top three reasons to attend conference really have nothing to do with conference at all, but a whole lot to do with a bit of self care. No laundry. No bedtimes. No cooking. Three simple reasons I make conference a priority every single year. I know I’m not the only one who needs a little more practice at carving out time for taking care of me. Right? I do plenty of laundry in the days before I leave town and I even make sure there is food in the house for my family to find in my absence, but the moment we leave the driveway I am positively giddy over all of the things I won’t be doing for the next 3 days.

By setting aside these tasks for a few days, I am able to concentrate on the investment I have made in myself and in my business. Are you investing in your business? The training, motivation and inspiration you will receive at your annual conference are invaluable; and they are not found anywhere else. The people you will meet and the friendships you will forge at your conference will see you through the highs and lows of your business over the years. You might get some extra sleep, make time for exercise or find time to start that book you’ve been meaning to read. You’ll laugh and learn and return home refreshed. Go ahead, register for conference. The laundry won’t miss you. Not even a little. Invest in yourself.