Accountants Just Want to Have Fun ♪♫

What does the accountant’s spouse say when she has insomnia?  “Honey, tell me about your day!” What do you call an accountant without a spreadsheet?  Lost! Groan.  These are ridiculously bad jokes, right?!  We agree.  As accountants we’ve heard countless bad jokes and second-hand assumptions that we are no fun and do not [...]

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Jumping On the Video Bandwagon

What can you learn in a short 5 minute video?  For one, you can learn exactly what BF Bookkeeping is all about.  Fun.  Crazy.  Silly.  Oh, wait.  You probably want to know about the bookkeeping part of it.  Our "Who is BF Bookkeeping" video is the perfect way to learn about that part - who [...]

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