• Photo of tree trunk with spring flowers growing in the grass and the sun filtering through the trees in the background.

A Breath of Fresh Ideas

Spring has a way of motivating us. Spring cleaning. Spring home projects. The warmer weather calls us outside; and the light breeze coaxes us to open windows that have been shut tight all winter. I love that breath of fresh air that rushes through the house and clears out all the remaining stuffiness. It leaves [...]

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  • Picture of website launch Facebook Post

On This Day One Year Ago…

POW!  Much like the huge picture above hit you in the face just now (please forgive me, I'm still learning to get the picture part right), it too struck me this morning when I opened my social media newsfeed.  Exactly one year ago today we launched this here website.  Wow.  A year ALREADY?  It made [...]

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Spring Has Sprung

Did you realize it is the first day of Spring today?! Here in WI, it's SUNNY. Spring bring feelings of renewed energy, growth, and joy. Whether you have a party plan business or you connect with customers one-to-one, consider how you can infuse the idea of renewal into your business. Feelings are contagious, so share [...]

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