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Endless Possibilities

“You can do anything, but not everything.” Wise words from David Allen, a productivity consultant. Recently I found myself with an unexpected day at home thanks to my sick kiddo. She’s a middle schooler now; so sick days are more Netflix snuggled up in her room with the cats than Barbie movies snuggled up on [...]

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Back to Basics: Receipts 101

Is anyone bracing themselves this week for back to school busy? Me too!! When my family’s schedules get hectic, I find myself forgetting the most obvious things…like the water bottle for my kiddo at her softball game. Not the end of our world, really, but something so simple that I feel silly for forgetting. I [...]

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Now We Know – Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Being your own boss means responsibility, but being your own boss also means rewards. Setting goals and consistently working toward them means you will reap the rewards of a successful business. There are many benefits of a successful direct sales business. If you are involved in direct sales, or thinking of jumping in, you are [...]

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We Are Blushing, Again

We are feeling the love again this week.  Kind and thoughtful words from another brilliant leader who is speaking our love language. She took the time to let us know how we've impacted her business and we are blushing. Witty. Smart. Real. Three words that describe the author of our featured love note this week. She's built a wildly successful business [...]

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