• snow falling in front of pine tree branch with words "Happy Holidays".

Wishing You Happy Holidays

The holidays are here!! In the midst of the holiday hustle, we'd like to send a wish (or three) your way. We wish you time away from work to enjoy making memories with your family and friends. We wish you a few quite moments to reflect on your blessings. We wish you much happiness and [...]

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  • Fireworks and letters spelling out "happy new year".

Happy New Year!

Whoa! Do you feel like 2018 flew by too? Maybe it’s the rush of the holidays that makes me feel like the new year sneaks up on me every time. And maybe its those days after Christmas when my family is home on winter break where I forget what day it is and what I [...]

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  • Blocks spell Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is fun and invokes visions of hot dogs, fruit fluff salad, frisbee, movie theater seats, and relaxing with friends and family.  No matter how we create our fun on Labor Day, I try to take a moment to remember all this fun was made possible by the labor movement and is dedicated to the [...]

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To Do: Take a Vacation

We know small business owners are hard-working individuals who are hustling to build something for themselves and their families. Working as your own boss has rewards, but there are plenty of sacrifices made on the road to success. We know how hard you work. And we think you deserve a vacation. We know we do! [...]

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Accountants Just Want to Have Fun ♪♫

What does the accountant’s spouse say when she has insomnia?  “Honey, tell me about your day!” What do you call an accountant without a spreadsheet?  Lost! Groan.  These are ridiculously bad jokes, right?!  We agree.  As accountants we’ve heard countless bad jokes and second-hand assumptions that we are no fun and do not [...]

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  • Piles of Coins growing larger

Be a Budgeting Badass!

Have you already achieved Budgeting Bad-Ass status?  No?  This is no surprise; most people won't touch a personal budget with a 10-foot pole.  Budgeting isn't for the faint of heart, and it can feel SUPER overwhelming.  The American Psychological Association found that 72% of Americans "reported feeling stressed about money at least some of the [...]

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  • Canvas painting of daisies growing next to a red barn wall.

Painting Can Make You Smarter

My sisters and I needed a night away from being moms; an escape from making dinner, facilitating homework and being the bedtime drill sergeant. We agreed to an evening of painting and cocktails; although I’m not sure how. To this day, none of us will take credit for making the suggestion! We walked in hesitant [...]

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  • Notebook paper with the words "do you love me?" with "yes" or "no" check boxes.

Relationship Check Up & Check In

We schedule a check up for our bodies to be sure we are taking good care of ourselves physically. And we take time to check in with ourselves to ensure our emotional well being. In last week's blog post we mentioned that February is American Heart Month; and how this month we'll be sharing a few [...]

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