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Go With Your Gut or Do Your Research?

How do you make big decisions?  Do you geek out on research and pour over information for hours and hours?  Or do you pay special attention to your instincts and trust your gut?  Me?  I fall somewhere in between.  Truth be told, I tend to go with my gut on most things.  That serves me [...]

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Now We Know – Benefits of Being Your Own Boss

Being your own boss means responsibility, but being your own boss also means rewards. Setting goals and consistently working toward them means you will reap the rewards of a successful business. There are many benefits of a successful direct sales business. If you are involved in direct sales, or thinking of jumping in, you are [...]

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Celebrate With Us

Did you know the very first website was published back in 1991? Now you do. Today there are more than 1 billion websites on the internet. Wow, that's a lot! If you have been looking for the path to your business bookkeeping bliss, you've clicked to the right place. Kick your shoes off and stay [...]

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Last Call for Webinar!

Want to worry less about organizing your business finances and find your bookkeeping Zen? Then join us April 5th at 8pm! Can't make it? No problem! A recording of the webinar will be available (for a limited time) to those who register. We pride ourselves on helping business owners simplify. Read what a recent webinar [...]

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Webinar – April 2017

Feeling the tax time crunch? Tune in to our next online webinar Wednesday, April 5th at 8:00 pm CST. We'll help ease your mind about your small business finances. You'll learn what to track so you can file with confidence this year. Grab your spot now!

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Anyone Up for a (Tax Liability) Surprise?

Who loves surprises?! We do! Well, usually. When it comes to tax liability though, no one wants to be caught off guard. In most direct selling or network marketing companies, you are an independent consultant and will file a Schedule C along with your personal income tax return. You will be liable for Self Employment [...]

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Gain Back Quality Time

Part-time hours and flexibility are enticing reasons why many people begin direct sales businesses. In fact, 70% of current direct sellers dedicate 15 or less hours each week to their business. And 41% of direct sellers report their direct sales income is in addition to income received from other employment. What does this mean? It [...]

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Annual Conference: It’s Worth Every Penny

Summer often has us thinking about sand, relaxation, and lots of play-time. But did you know many direct sales and home-based business parent companies host their annual conference and training events in the summer? That means entrepreneurs of these businesses have to stay on their toes to soak in amazing (and often overwhelming) training. From [...]

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The Direct Selling Association

When you choose a new physician, you ask your friends who they like, right? When it's time to delve in to a remodel, you check out several contractors and their references, right? It's no different when deciding to start a direct-selling business. Before you jump in, get a feel for the industry you're thinking about [...]

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It’s tax time! Don’t fret…

It's tax time! Are you ready? Or are you stressing about it? If you feel like you need some help getting your financial info organized, the ladies at BF Bookkeeping can help. We are CPAs and fellow direct sellers so we know our business inside and out. We offer bookkeeping services customized for your direct [...]

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