• Image of Painted Watercolor Butterfly

Butterflies and Black History Month

Who doesn’t love a good celebration?  If you know us at all, you know we love a good celebration here at BF Bookkeeping!  Bring on the confetti and balloons!  The image above may look like a simple watercolor painting to you, but to me it represents a celebration of Black History Month.  This past weekend [...]

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  • Canvas painting of daisies growing next to a red barn wall.

Painting Can Make You Smarter

My sisters and I needed a night away from being moms; an escape from making dinner, facilitating homework and being the bedtime drill sergeant. We agreed to an evening of painting and cocktails; although I’m not sure how. To this day, none of us will take credit for making the suggestion! We walked in hesitant [...]

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  • Notebook paper with the words "do you love me?" with "yes" or "no" check boxes.

Relationship Check Up & Check In

We schedule a check up for our bodies to be sure we are taking good care of ourselves physically. And we take time to check in with ourselves to ensure our emotional well being. In last week's blog post we mentioned that February is American Heart Month; and how this month we'll be sharing a few [...]

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