• Photo of a crumpled up receipt with the words "Back to Basics".

Back to Basics: Receipts 101

Is anyone bracing themselves this week for back to school busy? Me too!! When my family’s schedules get hectic, I find myself forgetting the most obvious things…like the water bottle for my kiddo at her softball game. Not the end of our world, really, but something so simple that I feel silly for forgetting. I [...]

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Painting Can Make You Smarter

My sisters and I needed a night away from being moms; an escape from making dinner, facilitating homework and being the bedtime drill sergeant. We agreed to an evening of painting and cocktails; although I’m not sure how. To this day, none of us will take credit for making the suggestion! We walked in hesitant [...]

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  • Professional Headshot of Kimberly Warner, Senior Vice President with Norwex

Now You’ve Gone and Made Us Blush…

Y'all know about Love Languages?!  If you don't, take a peek here.  Here at BF Bookkeeping, one love language Stacy and I have in common is "acts of service".  It means that we feel appreciated and cared for when a person takes time out of their day to devote a moment or two to do [...]

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All Dressed Up and Ready for Tax Time?

Hey all you savvy business owners! Year end celebrations are almost here! We know, it may not even feel like fall yet…it has been HOT here in Wisconsin…but winter will sneak up on us before we know it. The year will be over and you know what happens then. Tax time! You know it, small [...]

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Solutions Hiding In Plain Sight

Do you ever have those moments, when presented with a challenge, that you cannot see the solution?  But then along comes someone unrelated to the problem and they offer a brilliant solution that is mind-bogglingly (and yes, we're pretending that's a word) simple?  That happened to me ALL day today.  Solutions were hiding in plain [...]

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  • BF Bookkeeping Owners Meghan and Stacy talking on tin-can-and-string phones

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Who loves being silly and playing games?  We do! Over the past 2 years, we've teamed up with a lot of savvy small business owners to help them find their bookkeeping bliss and the feedback we've heard is they all love the simplicity of what we offer! Remember that post from a few weeks ago? You know, the [...]

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Celebrate With Us

Did you know the very first website was published back in 1991? Now you do. Today there are more than 1 billion websites on the internet. Wow, that's a lot! If you have been looking for the path to your business bookkeeping bliss, you've clicked to the right place. Kick your shoes off and stay [...]

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It’s tax time! Don’t fret…

It's tax time! Are you ready? Or are you stressing about it? If you feel like you need some help getting your financial info organized, the ladies at BF Bookkeeping can help. We are CPAs and fellow direct sellers so we know our business inside and out. We offer bookkeeping services customized for your direct [...]

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