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Tax Time Promises to Ourselves

We laugh, we cry, we cuss. And then we make promises to ourselves to do better next year. As we countdown to the April 15th tax filing deadline, some people are glad the task is done, and some are wondering if they will manage to file on time or need to request an extension. Returns [...]

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Make Time to Save Time

Spring break, spring cleaning and tax preparation. What do they all have in common? It’s what most of my contacts on social media are currently doing, thinking or stressing about. Ah, spring! We seem to both love you and dislike you at the same time. And speaking of time, every small business owner is trying [...]

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Year-End in the Forecast

It snowed on Saturday in Wisconsin. Yes, in October. And then on Sunday the sun was so bright it was blinding. Nothing out of the ordinary for us in WI, but the little neighbor kids were asking if Santa was coming soon. Say what?!? I hope not! I need time to sneak the chocolate from [...]

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Making It All Fit

There are a total of 87 days in my kids’ summer vacation; and I realized today that we’re closing in on the half way point. Whoa! Do you feel the need to slow summer down a bit as well? There are way too many ball games to watch, bike rides to be taken and s’mores [...]

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Tax Time – Thoughts from the Edge

“Thank you. You talked me down from the ledge tonight.” Words spoken by a client at the end of our bookkeeping coaching call earlier this week. The ledge she was referring to is the decision to keep going with her direct sales business or not. Thoughts like this creep into a business owner’s mind every [...]

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You’re Invited to the Year End Pre-Party

Ever dream of being completely organized and prepared for that moment when your accountant calls to ask for your year end reports!? Our online webinar will help your dreams come true! Learn the information you need for keeping simple, accurate bookkeeping records for your home-based business.  Kick tax time stress to the curb and join [...]

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Time is Running Out!

March Madness!! For some that might have nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with tax time stress. We've got you covered. Grab a spot on our next webinar and learn how to easily keep up with bookkeeping tasks throughout the year. Time is running out - webinar begins Wednesday 3/15 at 8 [...]

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Put it on Your Calendar

Have a great bookkeeping system, but still feel behind and nervous about your finances? Set aside a specific time for at least 30 minutes EACH week to review your finances and attack your bookkeeping. Scheduling it on your calendar will take the stress out of trying to squeeze it between income producing activities. Reviewing your [...]

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