• Collage of Sandstone images

Under Pressure

I love sandstone.  I love everything about it - the easily observed layers of differently colored sediment, how it cements together after years and years of patient compression to form a solid, beautiful mass that sometimes glitters.  These pictures are from the Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas and I took them while hiking there [...]

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  • 4 silhouettes jumping for joy

Happy Tax Day!

It's finally here!  The day we've all been waiting for: Tax Day 2019.  Hopefully this means the crying and cussing has stopped and you can sit back and relax before doing it all again next year.  It feels good, right?  What's more is now we can really focus on implementing the promises Stacy talked about last [...]

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  • Halloween Candy

🎶 A Spoonful of Sugar… 🎶

Who is already getting their fill of sugar and sweets even though it's not October 31st yet?  Me! 🙋After a weekend full of stuffing my face with Halloween candy, I've got sugar on the brain.  Well, to be perfectly honest, the pile of candy wrappers next to me is growing as I write this.  It's [...]

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  • Picture of Papers with Question Marks

Go With Your Gut or Do Your Research?

How do you make big decisions?  Do you geek out on research and pour over information for hours and hours?  Or do you pay special attention to your instincts and trust your gut?  Me?  I fall somewhere in between.  Truth be told, I tend to go with my gut on most things.  That serves me [...]

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Tax Time – Thoughts from the Edge

“Thank you. You talked me down from the ledge tonight.” Words spoken by a client at the end of our bookkeeping coaching call earlier this week. The ledge she was referring to is the decision to keep going with her direct sales business or not. Thoughts like this creep into a business owner’s mind every [...]

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  • Wellness wooden sign on a beautiful day

We ♥ Self-Care

What comes to mind when you think “February”?  I think red, valentines, love, hearts (the cute shape kind), and chocolate.  It’s also American Heart (the organ that keeps us alive kind) Month.  February seems to be the month when we give extra consideration to matters of the heart – both physical and emotional.  Taking care [...]

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  • Partially Put Together Dragon Jigsaw Puzzle

What’s Got You Puzzled?

You know what's got ME puzzled??  The puzzle you see here, that's what.  It is National Puzzle Day!!  Yep, there is such a thing.  Who knew?  When I discovered it was National Puzzle Day AND I happened to have a jigsaw puzzle going on in my living room, inspiration struck.  This dragon of a puzzle [...]

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  • Professional Headshot of Amanda DeSonia, Senior Vice President with Norwex

We Are Blushing, Again

We are feeling the love again this week.  Kind and thoughtful words from another brilliant leader who is speaking our love language. She took the time to let us know how we've impacted her business and we are blushing. Witty. Smart. Real. Three words that describe the author of our featured love note this week. She's built a wildly successful business [...]

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