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Happy Tax Day!

It's finally here!  The day we've all been waiting for: Tax Day 2019.  Hopefully this means the crying and cussing has stopped and you can sit back and relax before doing it all again next year.  It feels good, right?  What's more is now we can really focus on implementing the promises Stacy talked about last [...]

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Our Favorite Things – A Little Headspace

If you've been following along this December, you'll know the song “My Favorite Things” inspires us to share our favorite resources that keep our business running smoothly. Clients often ask us which tools we love and it is a charming compliment.  We love to share with you and hope you find them as helpful as [...]

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Go With Your Gut or Do Your Research?

How do you make big decisions?  Do you geek out on research and pour over information for hours and hours?  Or do you pay special attention to your instincts and trust your gut?  Me?  I fall somewhere in between.  Truth be told, I tend to go with my gut on most things.  That serves me [...]

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Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is fun and invokes visions of hot dogs, fruit fluff salad, frisbee, movie theater seats, and relaxing with friends and family.  No matter how we create our fun on Labor Day, I try to take a moment to remember all this fun was made possible by the labor movement and is dedicated to the [...]

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On This Day One Year Ago…

POW!  Much like the huge picture above hit you in the face just now (please forgive me, I'm still learning to get the picture part right), it too struck me this morning when I opened my social media newsfeed.  Exactly one year ago today we launched this here website.  Wow.  A year ALREADY?  It made [...]

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Our Purposeful Pause

Have you seen our latest video!?  (Watch it here if you missed it!)  It dropped last Monday and we're so excited about it!  Every time we hear our theme music, it makes us want to dance!  I bet you were thinking we were working hard the weekend before it went live and editing our hearts out, huh?  [...]

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Jumping On the Video Bandwagon

What can you learn in a short 5 minute video?  For one, you can learn exactly what BF Bookkeeping is all about.  Fun.  Crazy.  Silly.  Oh, wait.  You probably want to know about the bookkeeping part of it.  Our "Who is BF Bookkeeping" video is the perfect way to learn about that part - who [...]

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