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Our Favorite Things – A Little Headspace

If you've been following along this December, you'll know the song “My Favorite Things” inspires us to share our favorite resources that keep our business running smoothly. Clients often ask us which tools we love and it is a charming compliment.  We love to share with you and hope you find them as helpful as [...]

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Our Favorite Things – Cozy Mobile Office

Who doesn't love the song “My Favorite Things” from the movie Sound of Music??  If you despise it, don't worry we won't judge you!  Okay, maybe we will a little, but we absolutely adore the song!!  Each December it inspires us to share our favorite tools and gadgets and sparkly "helpers" that keep our business [...]

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Our Favorite Things – The Self-Inking Stamp

More favorites! This week's fave seems simple on the surface, but is quite an unsung hero in any small business. Drum roll, please...The Self-Inking Stamp! Just think about it: this little wonder frees up so much time by quickly and professionally labeling all those catalogs, order forms and marketing materials with crucial consultant contact information. [...]

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Our Favorite Things – Milebug

Clients often ask how we personally track our businesses. This season, we're sharing a few of our favorite things. The first is a mileage tracking app that keeps this expense category super simple to manage. Milebug** is able to track mileage for multiple businesses and vehicles and allows for memorizing commonly used trips. Available wherever [...]

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