Who is already getting their fill of sugar and sweets even though it’s not October 31st yet?  Me! 🙋After a weekend full of stuffing my face with Halloween candy, I’ve got sugar on the brain.  Well, to be perfectly honest, the pile of candy wrappers next to me is growing as I write this.  It’s not even noon and I’ve eaten too much candy.  I could say it’s research for this post, but really it’s shitty willpower.  Confessions of a CPA on a sugar high. 🤭 I digress… Here at BF Bookkeeping, Halloween (or rather the end of October) is an important time of preparation and excitement.  Although we encourage and coach you to complete your bookkeeping through out the year, our line of business definitely has a “season” when we’re busier than usual.  We know life gets in the way and sometimes even WE need to put our bookkeeping aside for a bit (Gasp!  I know, right?!).  Don’t believe me?  Here’s proof! Read Stacy’s confession from last week.  November unofficially marks the start of our season, so October is about planning how we can better serve you and your teams, (hopefully) keep you laughing, and coach you in finding your bookkeeping zen while continuing to grow your business.  In fact, we meet tonight to put the sparkle and shine on our plan for this season!  So exciting!

While we’re busy putting on our hardhats and digging into our upcoming busy season (and giving our tummies a break from the candy), we’re asking for a little sugar for our souls from YOU!  We’re trick-or-treating and we’ve just rung your doorbell.  Each new season is a great time to share who we are and why we do what we do.  Watch our “Who is BF Bookkeeping” video here and share far and wide!  Used our services in the past and loved us?  Send us a love note or video telling us why!  Treats (or constructive critiques) only, please!  When you help friends find their bookkeeping zen, you’ll have given them the gift of more free time. Which they’ll obviously chose to spend with sweet, helpful friends like you.  Duh.  🙂

As always, we’re so grateful for you and all you do to share the BF Bookkeeping love.