Do you ever have those moments, when presented with a challenge, that you cannot see the solution?  But then along comes someone unrelated to the problem and they offer a brilliant solution that is mind-bogglingly (and yes, we’re pretending that’s a word) simple?  That happened to me ALL day today.  Solutions were hiding in plain sight.  I wasn’t able to see them until someone else pointed them out.  The whole process can feel overwhelming and incredibly frustrating.  Why?  Maybe because it was something new.  Perhaps it was the amount of items on the to-do list.  No matter the reason, in the moment, I start to question my problem solving skills and begin second-guessing myself in other ways.  All of a sudden, one challenge has snowballed into a whole list of other problems.  When my genius cohort points out the solution, the stress is replaced with elation and the chaos in my brain falls away.  After that, I can see clearly and my problem solving skills return and all is right in my world again.

After I regained my sanity today, I was reminded why we started this bookkeeping gig.  It was to help our fellow small business owners to avoid feeling chaotic and overwhelmed; to assist you in finding that sweet spot we like to call your Bookkeeping Zen.  We realized long ago that while numbers excited Stacy and me, those same numbers overwhelm others and put them into a frenzy.  It brings us immense joy to help clients simplify their already busy lives.

As we approach the final part of the year and a busy holiday season, and you feel yourself getting overwhelmed with your bookkeeping, please know that we can provide that solution that is hiding in plain sight.  Reach out and contact us before you get too far overwhelmed to see beyond the fix that’s right under your nose.