Does your business start the year with a bang?  Or is it more of a slow and steady kind of beginning?  For many business owners, January means a much needed deep breath after the flurry of the holidays.  That’s true of our personal lives, too!  January is often slower than November and December socially AND in our businesses.  This leaves us feeling like we have free time to fill!  As we mentioned last week, smart and sassy business owners like yourself take advantage of this break in pace to reflect upon the lessons learned from the previous year.  When the goals are set and the plan for this new year is made, there is usually still a bit of time to play catch up in other areas, too.  But where to start, you ask??  You guessed it – your bookkeeping!  We admit we’re a bit bias on the subject, but your bookkeeping is important!  If your books need a little (or let’s be real – A LOT) of attention and updating, January is a great time to invest your free time in getting caught up on this “back burner” activity.  Find a cozy coffee shop (or wine bar!), snuggle up with your laptop, ignore social media and focus on getting your books in order.  If it feels overwhelming, channel your inner tortoise and attack the task with determination and consistency and it will be done before you know it.  You’ll thank yourself come April when your packed schedule has returned and you have little attention to give to your tax-prep to-do list.  Better yet, learn from last year’s whoops and register for our next webinar or contact us to show you how to find your bookkeeping zen!