When was the last time you screamed at the top of your lungs because you were so surprised or extremely scared?  I’m talking screamed-so-much-your-throat-hurts type screaming.  For me, it was a little over a week ago.  On our working retreat, Stacy and I snuck away for a brain break and sought out some spooky fun.  We settled on a boat adventure down the Wisconsin River in the dead of night on the WI Dells Ghost Boat Tours and had a blast!  And yes, it really was scary.  Hiking in the woods in the dark in unfamiliar territory is not for sissies.  Add in some chainsaws and zombies lurking on the periphery waiting for some nerve-frazzled mamas to frighten and you have a perfect recipe for a Halloween sore throat.  What’s even better, we made a new friend, Celeste.  Celeste and her group folded us in and let us join them (on haunted ventures, you NEVER want to be the first to go and you certainly don’t want to be last – I mean, would anyone even notice if one of the zombies abducted you?!).  We had a lot of fun clinging to these complete strangers who helped us feel safer.  We could tell we helped them, too – our new friend Celeste desperately screamed “Meghan and Stacy, where are you??” at the top of her lungs when we’d lost sight of each other halfway through the trail.  In the end, we all came out laughing and joking with one another (and complaining that we’d lost our voices), feeling bonded together by this shared experience.  It felt exhilarating to know we headed in to a scary situation, made friends, helped each other feel safer, and didn’t let our fear stop us from having fun.

That’s when it hit me!  A haunted adventure is a lot like owning your own business.  Many situations begin as uncharted territory and end leaving us feeling like we conquered and learned something new.  We feel stronger and more confident.  But the in-between can feel real scary.  Every day, there are fears to face in our businesses.  As we experienced with our new friend Celeste, facing those fears is easier when you partner with a buddy.  Whether it’s the fear of failure (or success?!) or the fear that no one reads the blog posts on your website, it ALWAYS feels AMAZING to have faced them bravely than to have walked an easier path.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Partnering with BF Bookkeeping will leave you feeling more confident so you can step out of your comfort zone without the fear of being kidnapped by zombies and hacked to bits.