Drink less caffeine. Cut out sugar. Spend more time outdoors. New Year’s resolutions – Do you love ‘em or hate ‘em?  It’s a mixed bag of feelings about them over here; it depends on the year.  Regardless of how we’re feeling about them this year, it occurred to us that we’ve rarely heard people say they’ve set resolutions in their business.  After a few quick strokes on the keyboard, we confirmed our suspicions: the top 10 New Year’s resolutions are largely focused on personal goals.  Then a funny thought occurred to us – how many of those chart-toppers could ALSO apply to our direct sales and small businesses?  In this month’s post series, we’ll tell you our favorite top resolutions and how they could impact your biz.

First up this week: “Lose Weight!” Raise your hand if this one has ever made your resolution list.  (Those of you NOT raising your hands right now are either lying or you’ve blocked the experience from your brain.) Are you wondering how the heck this could apply to your direct sales biz??  In SO many ways, actually!  Here are some ways to lose weight (in business) this year:

Paper! This one is HUGE.  If you’re in to Feng Shui, you may already know paper and books hold TONS of stagnant energy that could be holding you back.  Even if you don’t care about the chi of an object, paper is HEAVY and difficult to continue to store from year to year. Whether it’s tax return documentation or employment records or that extra ream of legal-size card stock you haven’t touched in 2 years, there is no need to keep them forever.  In general, keep tax records for 3 years after their filing due date and employment records for 7 years. Find more details and important exceptions to this rule here.  Better yet, go paperless and keep (for a limited time) digital copies of the paperwork instead.

Equipment! Still have that old scanner you’ve kept and haven’t used for 3 years because it’s big and bulky and you have to dig it out of the drawer and plug it in to your computer and make room for it on your desk and….well, you get the picture.  Donate or recycle it and use a smart phone scanner app.

Mental Weight! You know those tasks that you put off over and over again? You dread them so much that you never actually initiate the task? The mental weight of those to-dos can be crushing.  Those feelings might not just be feelings – they might be saying you have a bulky process that needs improvement.  Process improvement isn’t your thing?  Consider this: while you likely can’t ditch the task altogether, perhaps it’s an item that can be delegated for someone else better suited for the process.

Whether you’ve chosen to set New Year’s resolutions for 2019 or not, let yourself lose some (business) weight and pitch something heavy today. You will feel lighter!