We schedule a check up for our bodies to be sure we are taking good care of ourselves physically. And we take time to check in with ourselves to ensure our emotional well being. In last week’s blog post we mentioned that February is American Heart Month; and how this month we’ll be sharing a few ideas to take care of both yourself and your business. It’s officially Love Week so let’s talk relationships!
This week many of us will celebrate Valentines’s Day. Flowers will be bought, cards will be exchanged and chocolate will be eaten. It is a day that we designate to celebrate love. It is also a day when some people take stock of their love lives and ponder whether to make out, or break up. Whoa! Sounds like pretty heavy stuff for a day that is meant to be a fairly light-hearted celebration.
We’re going to steer clear of your romantic relationships, but we do think it is worth your time investment to get clear on your relationship with your business. A wellness check up, if you will. Don’t tap the back button on your phone just yet! Your relationship with your business is a lot like every other relationship you have. It begins with an in love stage where everything is wonderful and new; and well, wonderful. A brand new business start up kit, a best friend that will host a party to help you get started, and a love for the product line that you simply cannot stop talking about.
We are often blinded by this newness. Blinded to the effort that is needed to sustain this relationship over the long haul. Time passes and inevitably the newness wears off. We stop actively looking for new customers and hosts. We lose a bit of our excitement for our business. Instead of being fun it starts to feel more like…work. We find ourselves turning a blind eye to the mountain of paperwork in our office. No joke! Ignore the non-income producing activities in your business and they pile up fast. Its tax time. I know you know what I’m talking about.
After all of this, its no wonder that consultants break up with their business before the relationship really starts to flourish! We need some straight talk with ourselves, y’all. What is the status of your relationship with your business?
Remember how it felt being in love with your business when it was brand new? What was your passion? What was your Why? Maybe is was a healthier home for your family. Maybe it was some breathing room in your budget. Remember your Why and you’ve found your fuel; the whole reason you started this relationship in the first place. Your Why will drive you to work, to love, your business consistently when the shiny newness has worn off.
Take some time this week to remember why you fell in love in the first place. It might bring the spark back to your relationship! Yes, this relationship will require effort on your part, but it also has the potential to reward you greatly for your efforts. And hey, if you’d like some help with that mountain of paperwork, give us a shout!