I am such a nerd¬†ūü§ď¬†I know.¬† I know.¬† I say that a lot, and I’m about provide more evidence.¬† I ‚ô•¬†process improvement.¬† Like, A LOT.¬† I am quite giddy at the moment because my life just got a whole lot easier. Well, really just my work life.¬† But as you know, when you own your own business, any process improvement in one area generally bubbles over into the other arenas of your life.

I have had a weight on my shoulders for some months now; I have a few clients who use a software system that is very specific to their direct sales company.¬† It’s a wonderfully robust software that makes tracking these clients’ businesses easy for them. It incorporates accounting, CRM, inventory management, and integrates with the company’s back office.¬† Getting all that in one software is pretty tricky.¬† While this software works great for the consultant, the use of the accounting module for an accountant is quite clunky.¬† Work that would typically take me 1-2 hours to complete, has been taking me 4 or 5 times that.¬† Yikes!!¬† It’s not fun for anyone involved when the accounting invoice arrives and it’s 4 times higher than expected.¬† The work for these clients was weighing heavy on me not because I disliked the work or the clients (quite the opposite!!), but it wasn’t efficient for me, the process wasn’t providing timely information for my clients, and it was really expensive for them!¬† Frankly, it wasn’t a sustainable situation.

Today, that all changed. Cue the gospel choir singing Alleluia!! The software company added a module that allows for internal reconciliation.  Basically, I can review the accounts and make sure all income and expenses are recognized and categorized correctly without having to first spend a lot of time extrapolating the data.  It has literally saved me 4-5 hours of time each month.  POOF!  All those reasons why this work was weighing heavy on me disappeared in the blink of an eye.

I realize that is A LOT of accounting geek-speak, but my point is this: sometimes the smallest change in a process can create HUGE shifts in efficiency and motivation.¬† When a process feels too cumbersome, pay attention to that feeling.¬† It likely means there’s room for improvement and it may not take much effort to execute change.¬† It may mean filing customer order slips differently, organizing inventory in a new way, writing to back office support to suggest a change, or reading the “What’s New!” emails from the companies who provide your business tools.¬† It may save you time and effort, and maybe more importantly, the mental burden of your work may shrink to unrecognizable levels!