Have you seen our latest video!?  (Watch it here if you missed it!)  It dropped last Monday and we’re so excited about it!  Every time we hear our theme music, it makes us want to dance!  I bet you were thinking we were working hard the weekend before it went live and editing our hearts out, huh?  Nope.  Not even close.  Stacy and I were taking a Purposeful Pause after our busy season of pre-tax time bookkeeping coaching!  The passing of the big tax-day deadline often marks the end of our busy season here at BF Bookkeeping.  So when an invitation for a weekend away presented itself for some introspective reflection, we jumped at the chance.

What is a Purposeful Pause, you ask?  Samapatti Yoga, who guided us on our Purposeful Pause, writes “The use of a typical Purposeful Pause–a few moments to notice and be present–is helpful for a refresh. This can be in preparation for whenever the question, ‘What’s next?’ arises.”  Our weekend away provided just that for Stacy and I.  It was a much needed break to rejuvenate our energy  – long moments to notice and be present with regards to not only our personal goals, but also our answers to ‘What’s Next?’ for BF Bookkeeping.

There were several other amazing women at this retreat with us; it was a perfect mix of souls filling the renovated luxury barn where we all stayed for the weekend.  We learned, we were intentional in all we did, we ate AMAZING food cooked with love, and took time to be quiet.  Something we don’t do often enough.  When we’re quiet, sometimes once foggy ideas become clear.  Or, as Samapatti suggested, we find inspiration in the mental space we create.

This month we celebrate BF Bookkeeping’s third anniversary.  I can’t believe we’ve already spent three years coaching hundreds of you on your path to bookkeeping Zen.  We have loved every minute of it and are so grateful you chose us to be your partners in that journey.  Our Purposeful Pause earlier this month showed us that after 3 years, we’re ready for some exciting changes here at BF Bookkeeping.  And now that our busy season is behind us, we get to focus on making those changes happen!