Each December the song “My Favorite Things” inspires us to share our favorite tools and gadgets and sparkly “helpers” that keep our business running smoothly. We are flattered every time a client wonders what tools we use. It is a wonderful compliment! And we are honored to share with you. During this season of giving, please enjoy our 2018 Favorite Things posts.

‘Tis the season for busy! Next up on the list of our favorite things – a paper calendar. Is it low tech? For sure! If you’ve sat in on any of our webinars or team training, you know it’s no surprise that I use one, but would you have guessed that Meghan keeps a paper calendar as well? She does! A paper calendar is an efficient, in-front-of you way to keep track of parties, team meetings, children’s schedules and more. It can be a handy visual aid at parties when you are booking a party for a new hostess. I also like that my appointments and to do list is all in the same place. Also, my kids (who don’t have phones yet) see me using it and are learning good habits about ways to keep track of school assignments that they might need to be accountable for.

As an added bonus, a paper calendar gives us an extra excuse to put down our phones. Which is something I am going to strive to do more of this holiday season. If you don’t already have a paper calendar, our favorite is the Day Designer Planner by BlueSky. This great looking planner has monthly tabs for booking parties and coaching calls; plus, weekly pages to keep track of daily details and the ever-changing task list. Go check out their 2018 planners or let us know your fav in the comments below. We do love to know what you all are using too!!

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**BF Bookkeeping is not affiliated with BlueSky, nor are we receiving any compensation for this post. We simply really like their planners.