‘Tis the season for full calendars and lots of connecting! Nod your head if you know what I’m talking about. Family and work gatherings, school programs and all those parties you booked early in the month with plans to take some time off from your business over the holidays. Before you close your office door for that well-deserved break, take a few minutes to add one of our favorite things to your calendar in the new year – company local meetings.

Give your business a boost by attending the meetings offered by your company, or team, in your area. Connecting with your team and other people in your company is as important as connecting with your customers. And you know how important it is to connect with your customers on a regular basis! Local meetings are jam packed with training, company updates and like-minded people who love to share what is working for their business. Have you hit a slump with your business?  Find a meeting nearby! Local meetings are a cup filling, shot of motivation for you and your business. You’ll leave with at least one brilliant idea to implement. As if that wasn’t enough reason to go, most meetings are low cost, or even free.

One final reason why local meetings made our list of favorite things this year – if you don’t need the meeting, the meeting needs you! You may come to the day in your business when the training starts to sound repetitive and you feel like you have most of your business ducks in a row. Keep going to meetings! Share your savvy tips with newbies. Give them a confidence boost to keep working because you know the long-term rewards are worth it. And because helping someone else succeed might be one of your favorite things too!

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