Who loves the Song “My Favorite Things”  by Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music??  Us!  We do!  When clients ask what tools we use to keep our businesses running smoothly, this song always cues in my head.  I also recognize the very kind compliment veiled within their question – we appear to be organized!!  So, this question often makes us blush and giggle.  While we smile graciously, we’re really thinking “Ha, ha!  If only they knew how crazy my desk looks right now!”  As small business owners, things may not always run as smoothly as we want, but we certainly attempt to avoid speed bumps.  Without some of the tools we use, we would be lost and hitting bumps the size of moguls on black diamond ski hills.  During this season of giving, please enjoy this new series where we share with you our favorite business tools (and tricks up our sleeves) that keep us organized and focused even if we tend to drink margaritas during our business meetings.

This first one is a no-brainer.  Stacy and I have done this time and time again, so it tops our list of 2017’s list of favorite things (in business)*:  Bring a friend along for the ride!  Friends can make the peaks in your business more exhilarating!  They can make the valleys feel less bleak (I can’t count how many times Stacy and I have laughed at ourselves when we’ve made mistakes).  Friends will hold your hand when you feel afraid.  You can learn together (and from one another) and help each other stay accountable to your goals.  Something we hear often within the direct selling industry is “you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself”.  Although consultants within the same company could be thought of as competitors, the sentiment that is often encouraged and embraced is to support one another and share tools with one another.  In whatever adventure we choose, Stacy and I both know our friendship is a safe place to land if things go south.  Without that, this ride would be a lot less fun.  Now, go find an old friend (or attend a local meeting and make a new friend!) and jump on this crazy roller coaster together.

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