POW!  Much like the huge picture above hit you in the face just now (please forgive me, I’m still learning to get the picture part right), it too struck me this morning when I opened my social media newsfeed.  Exactly one year ago today we launched this here website.  Wow.  A year ALREADY?  It made me pause and think about the difference a year can make.  It was one year ago today when Stacy and I were busy flitting between our computers and texting one another while we put the finishing touches on the site.  We were making sure we’d put our silly sparkle in all the right places (you know by now how much we LOVE to embrace our silly!).  We were putting ourselves out there in a new way.  Stepping outside our comfort zone.  Stretching ourselves into uncharted territory.  We were twitterpated and giddy about the launch, but we were also NERVOUS!!  Gah!  That was the worst – feeling stuck between excited laughter and wanting to vomit.  Alas, the nerves were for naught.  You all loved on us and our website and we received feedback that made us blush over and over.

Fast forward 12 months.  Last night, Stacy and I sat together editing our third video that will later this month.  Our THIRD video.  When we started this gig, we both vowed we weren’t going to jump on that “video bandwagon” everyone was so excited about.  No way, no how.  Quite frankly, the thought of it made our stomachs turn.  I can hardly believe we didn’t even last a year on that one!!  What is even better is that we have been having SO much fun making these videos.  The edit sessions are always a night full of laughing-so-hard-you-cry moments.  With each new video under our belt, we feel less and less self-conscious in front of the camera (ok, let’s be real.  That’s really because of the cocktails we have during the video shoots!!) and nervous about putting ourselves out in the world.  This year, we’ve continued to try new things and grow as individuals and as a team.

We’ve been in awe of how having a website has been able to get our services out into the world in a way word of mouth couldn’t.  We began to see clients from all over the country, not just our home region.  We helped clients from direct sales companies we hadn’t worked with yet.  We experienced writer’s cramp more than once because once you have a blog, one feels compelled (or inspired??) to write at least 350 words per post.  We’ve learned things about the inner workings of search engines and SEO we never thought we’d want to know.  And this is the short list.  The longer I sit in front of the keyboard, the more I’m struck with how much this adventure has taught us.  Certainly more than I imagined.

Now that Spring has (finally) sprung, our thoughts naturally turn to renewal and new growth.  After considering what the last year held for you in business or your personal life, what do you foresee the next 12 months will bring that will grow and stretch this current version of you??