Y’all know about Love Languages?!  If you don’t, take a peek here.  Here at BF Bookkeeping, one love language Stacy and I have in common is “acts of service”.  It means that we feel appreciated and cared for when a person takes time out of their day to devote a moment or two to do something kind or thoughtful for us.  So, when someone uses a few precious minutes of her day to put down on paper how our services impact her organization, we swoon.  When those words are kind and full of high praise, well.  We can’t help but blush.  The amazing leader and trailblazer (I mean, helllooo! An organization of 10,000+ people??) pictured above has made us blush.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Kimberly Warner.  xoxo

“Stacy and Meghan are two amazing and dependable ladies. Their loyalty to their personal businesses and our team has continued to blow me away, year after year. They are seasoned experts not only in direct sales, but as professional CPA’s as well. Their smiles and positivity lead their purpose and lives. Additionally, they are detail oriented and highly professional. My experience with BF Bookkeeping has been nothing but perfect. I have recommended their services to my entire organization and I would recommend them to anyone in the small business sector.”  KIMBERLY WARNER, Senior Vice President