What would an additional $2,400 in income per year afford you or your family? The possibilities are almost endless; I mean, that’s a big chunk of change after all! For me, that means fees for my kids’ sports and school clubs for the year would be paid without affecting our family budget (yay for no more walking in the rain selling candy bars!!). Or it might mean that I buy all organic food all year. For you, it may mean a much-needed vacation. Or paying off debt. Or extra fun money for shoes or wine!

As you know, Stacy and I get geeky over numbers here and when we break it down further, that’s an extra $200 per month. That is a serious game changer for many people. Are you wondering why the heck I’m talking about $2400?? Of course you are! You wonder about the things we wonder about. According to a spokesperson at the Direct Selling Association, $2400 is the median income of sales consultants. On average, this is the income earned from doing one party each month for a year. Investing 3-5 hours per party, a direct selling business is a smart choice for a part-time job. Do the math and use that statistic at your next party! What’s more, many companies offer excellent ways to grow that part-time job in to a big-time career.

Whether you choose a direct sales business for the discount on product, as a part-time job, or a full-time career, we bean-counters want you to feel confident on how to keep track of the information you’ll need come tax-time.  Streamlining your bookkeeping will help stretch that extra income as far as it can possibly reach! If you’re not sure where to start; we can help.