There are a total of 87 days in my kids’ summer vacation; and I realized today that we’re closing in on the half way point. Whoa! Do you feel the need to slow summer down a bit as well? There are way too many ball games to watch, bike rides to be taken and s’mores to be roasted for it to be half past summer already. I’m left wondering how I’m going to fit it all in.

I wondered the very same thing as I stood outside of our local wholesale store with 3 shopping carts full of concession supplies for our next basketball tournament. How was it all going to fit? Do you ever feel that way about the ideas you have for your business? How on earth will you manage to fit the invitation redesign, the overhaul of your host coaching program and simplifying your bookkeeping system into the already jam-packed hours that you set aside to work your business?

For me that feeling is always the strongest on the last day of our company’s annual conference. Conference. So many reasons to go to the annual conference; and most importantly some of those reasons don’t have a single thing to do with conference at all. You soak in all the wonderfulness of new products and new ideas and new friendships. You’ve taken more pages of notes than you care to admit to. And you can’t wait to get home to fit ALL of the new things into your business. Until you get home. Where life and laundry and your family are waiting for you. And you wonder if you’ll be able to fit ANY of the new things into your business.

Take a few seconds to freak out and wonder what you were thinking. Go for it. I did! I mean, really, how was it all going to fit!? Then take a deep breath and channel your inner Tetris champ. Let the pieces of your business fall into your schedule where they seem to fit best. If by chance one piece doesn’t seem to fit quite right, flip it around and find a better place for it. After all, you are your own boss, so you get to call the shots. You get to choose what tasks you want to take on and what tasks you’d like to delegate. (Psst, we know somebody who can help with the bookkeeping!) Focus on fitting one piece in at a time and before you know it you’ll have implemented all those new ideas into your business.

I’m happy to report that I did indeed fit all 3 carts full of stuff into my car. AND I even had room to spare for my two kids. Success! We’d love to hear about the fun things you’ve fit into your business. Let us know in the comments or send us a message. We love to hear from you! We’re also very happy to fit you into our schedule if you are looking to simplify the bookkeeping for your business. Let us know how we can help!