Did you notice this post is late?  No?  Great, but it is.  Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Stacy and I generally post on Mondays.  I hate being late (even though it happens often enough), but this time I got lost in digging trenches in my backyard.  I’m not kidding.  Okay, so I didn’t get lost in the trenches, but I did lose track of time.  This is a project my hubs and I have known we needed to do for several months, but put it off for all the typical reasons: lack of time, high costs, and (as newbies to this type of project) we didn’t know exactly where to start.  After a day of rain, our nicely dug trenches became mud pits and the amount of effort required to finish the job tripled.  This project would have been much easier had we started it sooner and perhaps not during the wettest part of the season (palm to the forehead)!  Even though it may feel insurmountable right now, in the end it will feel SO GOOD to have it done.

As a new (or seasoned) owner of a small business, this story may strike a cord with you: learning how to organize the financial side of your business doesn’t seem like an immediate necessity.  Your bookkeeping slides to the back burner because other tasks (like income producing activities!) require your time, you fear you need an expensive accountant, or you have NO IDEA where to start.  I promise that taking care of this bookkeeping cloud hanging over your head will free up some mental space so you can be more productive at your other to-do’s.  Why not take 5 minutes right now to move one step forward on a project you’ve been putting off?  If it’s bookkeeping you’ve been ignoring, then use the 5 minutes to contact us.  You won’t regret it.  After all, the only way to finish is to start.