How do you make big decisions?  Do you geek out on research and pour over information for hours and hours?  Or do you pay special attention to your instincts and trust your gut?  Me?  I fall somewhere in between.  Truth be told, I tend to go with my gut on most things.  That serves me well about 80% of the time; a pretty good track record if I do say so myself!
I’ve also learned a lot from that 20% of epic fails I experienced when my gut had it all wrong.  And lucky you, I’m here today to share those hard lessons learned.  Here’s what I do now to temper the risk of failure in making critical choices:
1) Research at least a teensy weensy bit.  Even if you tend to go with your gut instincts, learn the vocabulary related to your big decision so that when you talk to the experts, you’ll understand more of what they are telling you.
2) Find said expert.  When professionals are experts in their field, it takes time to hone that knowledge.  I take great pride in being an expert at helping you simplify your direct selling business and find your bookkeeping bliss.   That means, for example, I can’t also be an expert at helping you find living quarters that best fit your budget and lifestyle.  So if you need to make a decision about buying a house or renting an apartment, you should not choose me as your expert.  You would find the best, most trustworthy realtor with whom you connect and see what they recommend.
Starting a direct sales business definitely falls in the category of big life decisions.  When people come to BF Bookkeeping asking us for guidance before starting their direct sales business, we urge clients to do that teensy weensy bit of research and we even refer you to what is our favorite expert on the industry: The Direct Selling Association.  Before you jump in, whether you are a go-with-your-gut or drown-yourself-in-information kind of decision maker, get a feel for the industry you’re thinking about joining. The Direct Selling Association is a great place to start that research.
Then, when you’ve decided that a direct sales business is right for you, contact us to help you create bookkeeping zen in your new business.