Hey, parents of school age kids! It’s back to school shopping time. Are you ready? Some of us shopped in early July when the back to school ads hit our mailboxes and inboxes. Some of us hold on to summer a little too tightly and find ourselves standing in the school supply aisle at the store that looks like its been ransacked by a mob; glue stick bins empty and not a single pre-sharpened pencil to be found. I find myself in the middle of both extremes this year and it is very likely that I’m out school supply shopping with my two kids as you read this post. I’m already planning for next year’s shopping trip though and have a few ideas on how to make the shopping a bit easier for myself; and you all as well.
Shop Early – Let’s check that list off on June 8th. The last day of school is an early release day in our school district. If the same holds true for your school, take the kids out for lunch and then celebrate the end of the school year by shopping for next year’s school supplies. Your mom friends will be scrambling in August (like I am) and you’ll be kicking back with your feet in the kiddie pool.
Buy in Bulk – If your kiddo is starting kindergarten this year, please know that you will be buying enough glue sticks over the next 6 years to fill that kiddie pool. If your kindergartner is the oldest, multiply that 6 years by the number of kids you have. If you happen upon an 83-pack of glue sticks while you are out looking for plain colored folders, buy 5 packs…and a bigger pool.
Shop Online – A mom friend of mine let me in on this secret that isn’t really a secret. I have holiday shopped online for years, but my brain didn’t connect the two for back to school shopping. I have no idea why. Skip the crowded school supply aisles, check out lines and whining for kitten printed pencils vs the teacher requested name brand yellow No. 2 pencils. As an added bonus, you can shop with an adult beverage in hand..something most local shops will frown upon.
All kidding aside, I enjoy school supply shopping. My kids and I make an adventure out of it; digging for wide-ruled notebooks in a bin of seemingly all college-ruled style, being savvy shoppers and sticking to the lists requested by our teachers. We have a few teacher friends and are keen to the fact that there are reasons they ask for certain brands and a certain number of items. We’ll be on our way to being ready for school this week. Hope the rest of you are enjoying that kiddie pool!