Have you started a new business or rededicated your time to old one?  If so, not only do you have to learn a whole new business (and likely, a product line) and how to nurture it, but you also need to learn how to account for the business.  New business owner or not, learning something new can feel daunting.  I can relate.

I recently had the opportunity to learn a new direct sales business tracking software.  It’s great software!  It tracks the direct sales business owner’s down-line, sales, inventory, and even syncs with headquarters’ customer order information.  The software even ties it ALL together with a pretty bow – the accounting!!  Sounds dreamy, right??  Well, maybe just to me.  It’s the same old super cool geeky business tracking stuff that makes me giddy!  The system has been put together with a lot of forethought and integrates all the moving parts really well.  Not many business software packages can do that AND keep things simple for users.

The system was designed for non-accountants, therefore it doesn’t work exactly as an accountant might expect.  It was designed with fail-safe measures to minimize mistakes often made by non-accountant users.  Cool!  Mostly.  If you’re not an accountant.  Being a numbers control-freak, I’m used to being able to work within systems where I have exhaustive control over the accounting transactions to make sure they are recorded precisely how I need them to be to be compliant with generally accepted accounting practices.  To work within this new system, I needed to fire up new neurons to learn how to enter the transactions that didn’t quite fit the norm or to correct mistakes.

I LOVED stretching my brain and learning this new system.  It was a process and I felt frustrated at times.  But each time I sat down to work on this, I ALWAYS made progress.  Now, after lots of effort, I’m on the other side of the Learning Curve.  I know the next time I pick up my clients’ books, I’ll know exactly what I need to do, how to do it, and how long it will take for me to complete.  I also won’t need to offer my “Learning Curve Discount” on my clients’ invoices any longer.  😉

The next time you bump up against the Learning Curve, I urge you to remember these things:

Be Gentle with yourself; learning new things can feel exhausting.  Take a brain-break when you feel yourself agonizing to think through a fog.

-Once you jump the curve, the task will FOREVER be easier because you’ve done the hard work.

-Know when it is time to throw in the towel and ask for help.  Your own personal learning curves will differ for each task you try to learn.  You may learn some things more easily than others.  If you find your learning curve dominating your time or causing other areas (namely the income producing category!) of your business to suffer, consider it may be time to seek assistance.

When it comes to your bookkeeping, benefit from our learning curve (for numbers, that is).  Call us when you’ve decided you are better off making those follow up calls instead of sitting at your desk shuffling papers.