This girl is feelin’ lucky.  I recently returned from a fantastic jaunt across the “pond” to Finland.  What a trip!  While not many people choose to escape WI winter by going to a place just as cold and even MORE snowy than home, a travel opportunity presented itself and I could not pass it up.  I was surprised at how much I loved learning about a country I hadn’t given much thought to before!  Did you know that Angry Birds was created in Finland?  Nokia, the world’s third largest network equipment manufacturer, was founded in Finland in 1865?  Finland still houses Nokia’s headquarters.  Say, what??  Famous Finnish architect, Eero Saarinen designed many iconic American structures including the TWA terminal at JFK airport, the St. Louis Arch in Missouri and the technical headquarters for General Motors in Detroit just to name a few.  Saarinen is also credited with bringing mid-century modern style to the US.  Head to most any furniture store and you’ll find many styles rooted in his original designs.

It turns out that a lot of furniture styles and interior design choices I make have Finnish roots.  I had no idea!  I didn’t realize Finnish Design was a “thing”.  In fact it is so much a “thing” that it is at the heart of Finland’s history as it struggled to create its own identity after hundreds of years of imperial rule.  The more I learned, the more I loved it!  The kitchen pictured above is from where we stayed in Helsinki.  A great example of Finnish design.  I love that it’s not much more than I NEED in a kitchen, yet feels luxurious.  Every inch of this kitchen was designed with form AND functionality in mind (think microwaves and drying racks for dishes hidden in cupboards). The clean lines of functionality paired with simple beauty calls to me.

Then it hit me!  This is what I love about bookkeeping and accounting!!  A well designed accounting system produces simple, streamlined business financials that are easy to read and use for analysis.  If you know us here at BF Bookkeeping, you know we were inspired to create this business to do just that – simplify the bookkeeping process for small business owners who wanted to focus on the fun parts of their businesses!  With BF Bookkeeping’s 4th anniversary approaching quickly, this was a lovely reminder of our “why”.  Who knew a trip to Helsinki would provide such a connection?!