We do not have every single one of our financial ducks in a row every moment of every day simply because we are accountants. Nope. We make mistakes too; and we’ll happily share a few of them with you.

We’re back to debunk another accounting myth: Accountants have their financial shit together. No doubt, there are many accountants that know their way around the financial side of life a bit better than most, but being an accountant isn’t a requirement to have that skill. And being accountants certainly doesn’t mean that we never make a mistake or end up doing something the hard way every now and again. We’re no strangers to late fees, checkbook reconciliations that are a few months behind and maybe even leaving too much of our own bookkeeping work until tax deadlines that are right around the corner. We’re human. We make mistakes too.

Fortunately, we also know how to put processes in place to catch mistakes that might happen.  Reconciliations done on a regular basis are one way to catch errors. A sure sign of a good accountant is one who steps up, let’s you know they’ve made a mistake and presents a solution to correct it quickly.

Be sure to check out our video. We’d love to hear about your financial fumbles. We’ve also had a few fumbles shooting our videos. Keep watching until the end for those; sometimes they are the best part. #BFBloopers


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