Spring has arrived in WI and it’s making me want to shift not only the clutter in my office, but the energy there, too.  After the long and snowy winter, my mind and body are aching for an uplifting shift.  Spring does that; it’s a time for renewal and planting seeds of growth.

About 12 years ago, I arrived at a massage appointment and felt I wanted to stay in the space forever.  It felt so calming and peaceful, just the feel you’d want for a massage therapist’s office.  I told the woman how I felt and she replied, “Wonderful!  That’s what I was aiming for when I hired my Feng Shui Designer!”  Huh?!  I had no idea what Feng Shui was, but I knew I wanted to learn more.  I contacted her designer the next day and the rest, as they say, is history.  There isn’t a room in my home that hasn’t been influenced by this designer; I’m always struck by how the subtlest change shifts the whole feel of space.

In Feng Shui, every single thing and being has an energy that impacts our own energy and well-being.  Whenever I’ve paid attention to this idea and shifted my surroundings to support it, I’ve loved the results.  Whether or not you believe in the energy teachings behind Feng Shui, the bottom line is that it creates beautifully designed spaces that support work, sleep, or recreation is just the right way.

Check out this article from The Spruce about increasing office success with Feng Shui.  It has some wonderful ideas for creating an office space that supports empowerment and strength within business.  Ideas that compliment our philosophies of keeping business simple and setting up systems that support growth. What will you do today to shift the energy in your office?