Halloween is right around the corner. Costume prep and candy purchases are in full swing at my house. In keeping with the spooky shenanigans going on this month, let’s talk a little bit about what scares us. For some, it’s spiders that give them the chills.  Others may fear public speaking, or maybe your business bookkeeping freaks you out! For me, it’s having to sleep in a strange space that turns me into a bit of scaredy cat.

I traveled a lot when I was working as an auditor with a public accounting firm, which meant a lot of overnight stays in hotels. Alone. Fear had me checking the closet and under the bed before I turned the deadbolt lock for the night. Fast forward a decade and a half and I rarely travel alone now. Ok, I never travel alone. I have kids. But on the occasion that I can sneak in a girls’ trip, I do sometimes get a room to myself. It is bliss. And yes, I still check the closet and under the bed.

My fear escalated a bit as we walked through that “cute” Airbnb that we stayed at for our working retreat. It WAS cute. And old. Complete with a creepy basement, locked doors and an off-limits garage. Meghan giggled as I checked all the closets and under the beds. Now, the rational part of my brain knows that of course there would be rooms in a house that a host wouldn’t want guests to have access to. Makes perfect sense. But my over-active imagination was having a hard time with the fact that I would have to attempt to sleep in the bedroom with the door to who-knows-what that was locked. After a couple of drinks with old friends and a few shared ghost stories, Meghan was spooked too!

Strange houses haven’t been the only thing causing me a bit of fear lately. The exciting changes we are working on here at BF Bookkeeping also has us filing some official forms; which caused me a bit of worry over filling them out correctly. The rational part of my brain knows that I was likely checking the right boxes, but my over-active imagination had me afraid of making a mistake. I did what any girl would do…I called my BF. Which worked out perfectly since she also happens to be my business partner. The right person to help me decide which boxes to check, even if we had to correct them in the future.

It’s nice to have a friend to help talk you through decisions every now and then. Maybe you or your team members are freaking out over how to track the income and expenses for your business. Don’t fear the numbers! Give us a call. We’ll be your bookkeeping BF and talk you through those decisions.