If you’ve been following along this December, you’ll know the song “My Favorite Things” inspires us to share our favorite resources that keep our business running smoothly. Clients often ask us which tools we love and it is a charming compliment.  We love to share with you and hope you find them as helpful as we do.  During this season of giving, please enjoy our 2018 Favorite Things posts.

For our final tool in our 2018 Favorite things toolbox isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill tool. HEADSPACE is a meditation and mindfulness app and it has been quite handy for both Stacy and I over this last year. I was recently reminded about a bit of brain science that talks about how we store “stuck” emotions in our brain and when we allow ourselves to feel those unprocessed thoughts and feelings, we create more real estate in our brains for new ideas! We literally create more space in our heads to allow for creativity and outside-the-box type thinking. The HEADSPACE app helps us in our businesses by clearing the way for creating more productive processes, fun marketing strategies, and perhaps most importantly, the space to dream big. To think about what comes next and how to get there. Thousands of studies report even 5 minutes of meditation a day a few times each week will benefit your mind.

Curious about the other biz tools we use? Check out more Favorite Things posts here.  This one may even be our favoritest favorite. 😉

**BF Bookkeeping is not affiliated with HEADSPACE, nor are we receiving any compensation for this post. We simply enjoy the calm they’ve brought to our businesses.