Who doesn’t love the song “My Favorite Things” from the movie Sound of Music??  If you despise it, don’t worry we won’t judge you!  Okay, maybe we will a little, but we absolutely adore the song!!  Each December it inspires us to share our favorite tools and gadgets and sparkly “helpers” that keep our business running smoothly. We are flattered every time a client wonders what tools we use to keep our businesses running smoothly. It is a wonderful compliment! As small business owners, we do try to steer clear of bumps in the road whenever possible. During this season of giving, please enjoy our 2018 Favorite Things posts.

Speaking of bumps in the road, I’m in my car ALL THE TIME for work.  Y’all raise your hand if you’re with me; I know I’m not alone in this one.  Between client errands, demo drop-offs, product parties, I spend a lot of my work week driving in my vehicle.  Which also means I’m not in my home office as consistently as I used to be.  Instead of fighting it, I decided to go with the flow and tweak my systems a bit so that I’m prepared to work almost anywhere I go.  That meant changes to my mobile office (aka my sweet ride) so it’s cozy and welcoming. This week my favorite tool in my business is my cozy Minivan Mobile Office!

How do I make my kid-carting, errand-running, business-building ride more enjoyable?  Let’s have a look…

  • Keep it Clutter Free!  Everyone knows the value of a clutter free desk, so why not extend the impact to your mobile office?  Tell those kid-sized (and not-so-kid-sized) passengers to clear out their belongings each time they leave the car.
  • Put a CUTE small garbage can where everyone can reach it, that way even small little gum wrappers will stop cluttering your floor.  And I am NOT kidding about making it cute.  Part of making your mobile office more cozy is outfitting it with tools you ENJOY looking at.  My fave is this ThirtyOne “Oh Snap”** bag.
  • Exorcise demonic odors! Would you want to spend time in a space that wreaks of spoiled milk, old banana peels or sweaty pre-teens?  Heck no!  I love this ceramic aromatherapy disc**. A few drops of a high quality, sustainable essential oil and your nose (and productivity) will thank you.
  • Pack a fun, durable bag with a pen, paper, samples and catalogs, and your most recent to-do and client follow up lists.  Smart phone apps have become an important piece of our mobile offices, but they can’t do everything!

Curious about what other biz tools we covet?  Check out more Favorite Things posts here.

**BF Bookkeeping is not affiliated with the products listed in our post today.  Nor are we receiving any compensation for this post. We simply hope you’ll find as much use in these products as we do.