Our final “favorite thing” this holiday season may be our most favorite.  It’s our favoritest favorite!! (Don’t worry.  We know “favoritest” isn’t a word.  We’re only trying to help you create a drinking game to distract you from holiday stress.  Every time you read the word “favorite”, grab your glass and take a swig of egg nog.)

Drum roll, please!  Our last favorite (bottoms up!) is the toolbox provided by your company.  For many companies in direct sales, this is the #1 way to empower their sales force to the get word out.  Companies invest MILLIONS of dollars in to the tools they develop for you.  Take full advantage of these!  They are often offered to you at NO cost.  In the direct sales business, the best copycat wins!  Don’t waste your time recreating the wheel when your company already provides it for you.  Whether it is a revamped starter kit that includes step-by-step instructions for your newest team members, a mobile app that tracks your inventory, or a beautifully crafted flash sale flyer you can easily share with customers, they are designed specifically with you in mind.  Our list of favorite (glug, glug!) resources doesn’t stop there…online training, live webinars, podcasts with consultant leaders imparting their favorite (slam!) nuggets of wisdom, intentionally designed shopping websites that take into account the ever changing world of technology, back office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools keep track of your follow-up without much effort on your part.  These tools are developed to SIMPLIFY your responsibilities so you can spend your time developing and nurturing the relationships with your customers.  Take full advantage of the support system your company has created FOR YOU.  Now, wipe the wine off your upper lip and go enjoy those family festivities feeling a wee bit lighter (not because of the booze, silly!) because you know your job is going to feel a whole lot easier when you start using the toolbox your company has gifted to you.

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