Deadline day. You knew it was coming, but you ignored it because the task is one that you dread or feel that you are not very good at. As panic-inducing as deadlines can be, the tasks we dread are often the ones that stretch and challenge us the most. These tasks can also bring about the most benefit to both our personal lives and our businesses. What is it that you keep putting off until tomorrow?

I dislike writing projects. I always have. Writing assignments were consistently downgraded to the very last task on my homework list. Even in my adult life I put off writing assignments until deadline day. I would rather clean the door seal on our front-load washing machine than work on a writing task. Creative writing makes me cringe.

As business owners we often need to think creatively; and sometimes on very short notice. Creativity is the path to innovation that will help you grow your business. Creative thinking helps to keep your business presence fresh. Now, don’t fret if you don’t consider yourself a creative person. Creativity comes very naturally to our brains and it is a muscle we can strengthen with the right tools. Maybe those tasks we dread are exactly what we need to be doing right now to move our businesses forward.  Maybe that deadline isn’t so much of a lurking cloud as it is a tool to help us flex our creative muscles. If so, would we benefit from setting a few more deadlines for ourselves?

In April, a big deadline is coming up for us all.  Virtual high-fives to you if you have your taxes filed already! Deadlines don’t all have to be big deals though. A deadline could be as simple as getting those 5 follow up phone calls done by Friday; or taking the first step to get help with a task that makes you cringe. If by chance getting your business ready for tax time makes you cringe, you’ve come to the right place. We love that task and would be happy to help you get organized!