It’s the Monday after our National Conference. My brain is mush. It happens every year. Three days of INCREDIBLE training, FUN with friends and team members, excitement over NEW PRODUCTS, and pie-in-the-sky type amazing new CONSULTANT TOOLS can be a lot to digest. And that’s putting it mildly. Each year I think the new product launches and consultant business tools couldn’t possibly get better than last year. And each year, our company exceeds my expectations. Trailblazer type stuff, y’all. It BLOWS me away. Every. Time. While my brain is in a frenzy organizing this new information, I find comfort in knowing that while new is perhaps the sign of progress, some things in this business predictably stay the same. For example, always at the root of our direct sales businesses is the relationship with customers. This is paramount. Without this relationship, there would be NO business.
Another equally important mainstay that is often overlooked is the bookkeeping task! It’s no secret that accountants have a reputation that concludes we’re all boring. I suspect part of the reason for that is because there is rarely an epic accounting rule change. Perhaps the other reason we are typecast as “unfun” has something to do with the fact that the majority of people do NOT feel extreme elation when it comes to debits and credits like we do. It’s okay. We accept the rank with grace.
While we are thinking about conferences and new products, it’s a good time to remember our biggest tips with regards to that stash of goodies (a.k.a. inventory) you have earned for free this year. If you’re a past webinar attendee or start up client of ours, this is old hat. And the rest of you probably know by now that we like to keep things simple. In our opinion, the best way to achieve bookkeeping zen with regards to those freebies is to USE them in your BUSINESS as demonstration tools, gifts, and donations and to do it by the end of the year. Make sure that freebies inventory is depleted! Heading in to the largest selling season of the year with new products to share makes for a great excuse to host a new product launch or customer VIP party. Use those freebies hanging out in your office as gifts for your guests at the party. Nurture that ever-important customer relationship by showing your gratitude with these giveaways. Your VIP will be touched by your generosity AND you’ll be making your year-end bookkeeping a wee bit easier.