We made it through the first week! The kids are back in school and back to the more structured schedule that comes with. My days at office haven’t changed much, but my evenings sure have; back to karate classes, football practice and board meetings. How about you? Are you getting back to some structure with your business this month? Your house and home office might be quieter with the kids back in school, but if you’re having trouble finding focus…try looking at the coffee shop.

Yup! Your ability to focus on the task at hand might be hanging out where you find your favorite latte. Getting out of your home office to work for a few hours at the coffee shop is brilliant! Not only is it a change of scenery; it allows you to step away from any distractions lurking at home. Plus there’s an added bonus of supporting a local business!

Did anyone else take a break from filing over the summer like I did? Hey, I get it! There were sunnier things to be doing! Now every time I set foot in my home office I feel guilt pangs over the piles of papers. The piles seem to shout at me every time I make it back to my desk…usually after the kids are in bed at night…distracting me from the work I should be doing. If you have distractions at home that keep you from focusing, try closing the door on them all. Literally.

Need to make some phone calls, send some emails or write “you rock” notes to your team? Pack up what you need and get it all done while you enjoy that latte. You’ll have those envelopes sealed and emails sent off before your last sip. Or better yet, use your time at the coffee shop to get caught up on your business bookkeeping! We know this task drops to the bottom of your priority lists quickly, but it never falls from the list of things you need to be doing to keep a business running successfully. Ask for an extra shot of espresso and catch up on the status of your business’s financial health. Catching up now means you’ll still have time to make any necessary adjustments before the year is over.

Need a system in place that makes catching up, and keeping up, with your bookkeeping a breeze? We can show you how to get on the path to bookkeeping Zen. Have a new team member that needs to know where to start? Watch our Facebook page for webinars coming this fall!