Professional Headshot of Amanda DeSonia, Senior Vice President with Norwex

“I love direct sales, and I love coaching one of the most successful teams in the country. But tax time? Yikes! I used to DREAD questions about write-offs, mileage, and taxes. Before BF Bookkeeping, I had little (if any) helpful advice or resources for my team members. I need my team to focus on their main job–sharing products and building a team. Lifting tax tracking stress off my team members has in turn, lifted the stress off me. The ladies at BF Bookkeeping are not just professional and wicked smart, they are experienced and FUN to work with.”

Amanda D, Norwex

Like many direct sellers my focus is sharing an amazing product and building relationships with my customers. BF Bookkeeping gave me the tools and helped me put systems in place to keep my expenses, inventory and income organized. BF Bookkeeping has been an absolute live-saver for my business and sanity!

Tara D, Norwex

“With these ladies, you don’t just get the toolkit for tracking, but a little bit of their time and wisdom as well. Talking to them on the phone was worth the money! And they have been super sweet to answer quick questions as I got things figured out. Took lots of stress out of the whole income and expense tracking for me.”

Molly M, Norwex

“I was looking for a way to simplify what I’m currently doing and believe that your webinar showed me that there is light at the end of the tunnel!”

Webinar Attendee

“I want to say thank you to Stacy Bradley and Meghan Fessler for their FANTASTIC bookkeeping system!  I had a consultation last May and have been using the system since then.  It is SOOOOO much easier than what I was doing before!  Thanks Ladies–you’ve made my life a lot easier!” 

Lindsay L, Norwex

“Stacy and Meghan are two amazing and dependable ladies.  Their loyalty to their personal businesses and our team has continued to blow me away, year after year. They are seasoned experts not only in direct sales, but as professional CPA’s as well.  Their smiles and positivity lead their purpose and lives.  Additionally, they are detail oriented and highly professional.  My experience with BF Bookkeeping has been nothing but perfect. I have recommended their services to my entire organization and I would recommend them to anyone in the small business sector.” 

Kimberly W, Norwex

“Don’t make the same mistake I did and put off gathering the knowledge you need to handle the bookkeeping part of your direct sales business.  I strongly recommend everyone participate in the Direct Sales Down & Dirty Bookkeeping Tips event to gain an understanding of the financial side of having your own direct sales business!  I also believe the investment in their toolkit is well worth it right from the start!  If you utilize their toolkit it will make tax time a painless process for you. I can’t thank Meghan enough for the time she gave me in April when I waited until the last minute to figure out how handle my direct sales earnings into our taxes, I couldn’t have gotten them done without her!”

Renee M, Norwex

“I could not recommend BF Bookkeeping enough! Attending their tips seminar helped me with my decision to become a fashion consultant with LuLaRoe. Prior to attending I was overwhelmed and unsure, but they made me feel very comfortable with what I would need to do to run my business! Thanks, ladies!”

Kara B, LuLaRoe

I LOVE this system for my Norwex business! I started using it in January after a thorough one-on-one with Stacy. I am thrilled with how easy it is to use, and how quick it is to keep track of my expenses!

Jessica O, Norwex

“Stacy and Meghan have helped streamline my bookkeeping processes and completely changed how I track my business finances. They provided the insight and tools necessary to make bookkeeping simple and easy to maintain. No more worrying about the accuracy of what I’m recording, falling behind or stressing about what to give my accountant at tax time! I can’t thank BF Bookkeeping enough and would highly recommend them to anyone in direct sales. You won’t regret it!”

Briana L, Norwex

“I loved receiving the notes after the webinar. Makes you pay attention and take notes for yourself so when you get your notes, all the gaps fill in. Although I have my own business I do taxes for, this was a great reminder of how our direct sales is slightly different and what we need to keep track of and why. Thank you for putting this together! It is appreciated!”

Webinar Attendee

“Thank you sooooo much for taking the time to explain the spreadsheets to me! I just finished entering everything, and WOW! Now that I have entered items, I understand how everything works. I figure if I update everything once a month, it will be manageable! Thanks again for taking time out of your day to help me out – I really do appreciate it.”

Karen W, Norwex

“These ladies offer great advice and a simple approach. Take advantage of their training!”

Liz W, Norwex

“I got so much information and definitely recommend this to new consultants that haven’t done direct sales before. I made it through my first year thanks to this webinar.”

Kitty R, Norwex